Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for Online Businesses.

"Personally vouching for Bernardo Bento, his offers are great and if someone joins him with the skillset he proposed, that's a $1M a month business."

Bernardo Santos

Alen Sultanic

Legendary  Marketer with over 100MM in sales under his belt.

“You’re good at the emotional side of copywriting.”

Joao fernandes

Chris Wright

8-figure copywriter with multiple Clickbank top sellers.

“That copy is fire, and I loved the mechanism. It really gives out the idea of something NEW and exciting. Good job.”

Bernardo Santos

Mateus Vakuda

Offer owner doing  100+ buyers a day.

"Bernardo is a fantastic copywriter and a great dude."

Joao fernandes

Mattia Paganelli

7-figure business owner in the fitness space.

"Bernardo is next-level when it comes to copywriting and marketing."

Bernardo Santos

João Fernandes

CRO in one of the fastest growing marketing agencies.

"You're a great copywriter, you explained to me such a complex mechanism in Layman's terms..."

Peter Kell

Head of the VSL department at MindValley.


I'm best known for being a fractional chief marketing officer. A fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes. Here's some of the things I've done so far:

- I’ve created & optimised dozens of offers in multiple niches from scratch. This goes to show my holistic marketing approach. I can help you with positioning, offer creation, testing upsell paths, and all that jazz.

- I’ve written dozens of 40-minute & 10-minute long VSLs. Tested hundreds of ads with different formats, both on YouTube and Facebook. Written hundreds of emails - affiliate swipes, welcome sequences, cart abandon, internal launches, you name it. I can pretty much write anything and everything for you.

- I’ve personally managed low 6-figures of ad spend (of my own money) before delegating, which means I understand how paid traffic works, and how it heavily influences the whole buyer’s journey.

- I know how to write and run compliant ads on Facebook, regardless of the product. However, I also know how to scale black-hat offers on Facebook while avoiding the ban hammer - originally learned this from the Brazilians, which are years ahead of the Americans when it comes to the “shadier” stuff. So if you’re spinning your wheels on Facebook, I can definitely help.

- I’ve sold products in the USA, Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain, and all the Spanish-speaking countries. Why is this important? Because all these markets are in different sophistication stages, therefore, your marketing strategy & messaging needs to be different. You need to be versatile, and you need to know how to THINK. Been there, done that.

- I'm directly responsible for 7 digits in online sales. These come from my own products, and from clients' products.

- I also studied Marketing Management at university for 4 years, and was the head of marketing for a 7-figure company for a year. In that time frame, we increased revenue by ~92%.

As of today, If I'm not found knees-deep inside clients’ funnels or obsessively writing new copy to beat their controls, you can probably find me optimising my own offers or studying the best performing promos crushing the market right now.